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Posted on: Jan 04, 2012 at 04:51
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Anonymous family shares wealth, happiness with Valpo Goodwill shoppers

VALPARAISO, IN | The family that entered the Goodwill store Saturday seemed like any other, workers said.

- Erika Miller, Goodwill Industries district manager

They were polite and looked like regular folks, but what they did was selfless and extraordinary, Erika Miller said.

Miller, district manager of the Goodwill Industries stores in Northwest Indiana, wasn't at the store at 2109 Calumet Ave. when it happened. But employees told her of the family's generosity.

"They came in and had a stack of Christmas card envelopes, and that's what they started passing out to everybody," she said. "One of the ladies that had been handed one of the cards came up to the register and opened it, and it was a Christmas card and there was money. It said 'Merry Christmas Angel.'"

Workers told Miller the family was a couple, their two children and a grandmother.

After they ran out of envelopes and left the store, they came back, sat in chairs near the front and paid for people's purchases for a while, Miller said.

"They said a couple of years ago they were in a position that (the mother) could only shop at Goodwill, and now that they were doing well they sort of wanted to pay that back," Miller said.

They didn't tell anyone their names but told employees that giving to others was their Christmas gifts for themselves this year.

"They said they didn't need anything for themselves for Christmas," Miller said. "Their Christmas gift to themselves was being able to give back to everybody else."

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