Posted on: Oct 10, 2012 at 01:24
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Someone ask why I don't write anything about USAC on our "News Page" like I do about WOO, the All Stars, Top Gun and others. Simple, I don't like USAC. Never did, probably never will. When I was racing, you had to get a "TP" and they would pick your car apart, if you met their approval you could not get a push truck as they would always push their guys first. You were treated like a second class citizen. Plus, us outsiders usually beat them. It felt like you were being governed by a group of fat old men that should be tending to their garden rather than overseeing a racing organization.

Today, when they have a show the local tracks are supposed to close and cancel their regular program because they are not supposed to buck USAC. This leaves all the non-USAC'ers sitting home along with parking the support classes as well. The better than anyone else attitude still doesn't sit well. One central Indiana writer says that when USAC Speed Weeks is over, the racing season is over. Really. I like a lot of the people who run with them but as far as the organization, not so much. I hope that answers the question about our lack of USAC coverage.

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