What a Beautiful Weekend....

Posted on: Oct 22, 2012 at 12:27
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After struggling with the house it was a welcome time off for the weekend wedding Dudley was preforming on Panama City Beach for Kristie Hall & Bobby Tharp.

They had their family and the wedding party staying in the LakeTown Wharf hotel on the beach.  There were several rooms and suites reserved and when they got a cancellation they offered for me and Dudley to stay there instead of driving our motorhome in and having to get gas and propane and worrying about the transmission seal that went out on the way home from up north just last month.  This was certainly a God send for us.


We started out at 2pm for Panama but after about 20 minutes of driving someone remembered he forgot his shirt and western tie.  Hmm.  So we turned around and took the long way home so to miss all the construction that held us up in the beginning.  Well now it is 3:15 and we are just leaving the house again for Panama City Beach. Back through all the construction and finally at around 4:00pm we arrive in town.  The bride calls us and gives us directions but gets off quickly as she has to start dressing and her mom, Lee from our church gives us a few directions and hangs up and tells us she will call us back.....  Duh... we are not sure which roads to take as the city and the area is so congested with streets and business and tourist areas..  Well we finally found it and realized they never told us the room numbers.  The desk clerk said she wasn't allowed to give us the room numbers.  So she gave us a room on the 6th floor that was the grooms room and he sent us down to the room.  Good thing we were dressed when we arrived as we just got there in time for the rehearsal.

As you can see there was a beautiful sunset.... for the rehearsal.




Rehearsal all set..... for Sat evening.

Saturday morning checking out the setup.  

Pastor Dudley & Nancy walked down to the beach.


Nancy ... Can you hear me now???  



Saturday... Pastor Dudley and the groomsmen coming out...to line up for the wedding.





It was a very nice wedding and everything went smooth and the fabulous food...Ribs, chicken and fixings.  

All was so good at Pineapple Willys.   God Bless the happy couple...we wish them the best.  

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