Posted on: Jul 19, 2011 at 01:09
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We have arrived at Lernerville Speedway for the WOO show tonight. Got in yesterday afternoon. It rained. Talked to some folks and went to bed. It rained. Got up this morning for prayer and coffee. It rained. Tomorrow has been desingnated as the rain date but hope it clears out and we get it in tonight. Several people have called us to say they will be stopping by today. We are parked right by the pit entrance lane. Very easy to find. Really like coming home as I have spent so many Friday nights here.

To hear the engines and see the competition is great but it is truly about the people. Funny how language and conversations suddenly change when they realize they are talking to a pastor. I am just a guy like all others that struggle each day with my personal short comings. Racing folks are people like those of no other sport. Love'em all and hope we can make a difference.

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