Was Yesterday... Friday The 13th ????

Posted on: Jan 19, 2013 at 02:54
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Just an ordinary day in the life of the Balmers...... Ha ha ha !

 Plans for the day... Dudley was to repair a leak in the commode with a kit he bought.  I was to go shopping for groceries & whatever with Ms Lee.

Started out with a nice breakfast omelet and toast.  We got a late start because Ms Lee (my friend who is usually late for everything needed to sleep a little more to get her eye open.) heading out towards Panama City. He checked the oil and of course she was a quart low again.  The last time she went to Panama she said the light came on for service engine for a little while but then it went back off.  So she thought someone told her that it was ok to drive on it for a while if ithe red light comes on but it goes back off.   Dudley just threw his hands up in the air when she told him.  She was home and he told her not to drive it and don't even start it up.  Just get Paul, (our friend from church to go get her a few quarts of oil and put in what it needs.  

First stop Goodwill (Good Sense)  that wasn't too bad lots of junk.  Second stop more Thrift stores up the road.  Junk, Junk... didn't buy much.  

Third stop... Habitat for Humanity thrift shop... Went in for the napkin holder that matched my table....came out with that and a lamp & 2 large black candle holders that I will spray gold for our living room shelf.

Fourth stop... Dollar Tree.... Oh they have the glasses I didn't get last week and lots of interesting food items & snacks, and more junk; actually a buggy full and a box with glasses.

Now the back seat of her car is starting to fill up with bags, boxes and a lamp & shade and my cheese popcorn bags.

Fifth stop... Ms Lee has to go to the Base to drop off her prescription and then we head to the Commissary to get her groceries.   Now we have tons of groceries in her car in the trunk which is a Grand Am. While shopping in the Commissary she realizes by the time she checks out the Base pharmacy will close so she leaves me there with two her riding scooter & her other buggy of food and runs to the car and drives back to the pharmacy.  Then returns and finds me and we go to the checkouts and now the trunk is getting full.

Dudley calls while checking out that the toilet base just cracked and broke and we are without a toilet.  WHAT !!!!!

Sixth stop... My sugar is dropping and we had to eat our favorite Church's chicken... ok that was a must!

Seventh stop... Walmart... need to get oil, and oil filter for Dudley to change her oil, which she hasn't even checked for the last 3 weeks since the last incident.   Ok now load all Walmart groceries into the already stuffed car.  Just had to keep piling on top of other bags in trunk, back seat and now between my legs in the front seat. 

I think we needed to go home as nothing else would fit in the car.

So off we go headed for Wewahitchka which is about 27 miles away.  We get about 5 miles out of Calaway on a dark deserted road and we notice a rough running car with hardly no power.  She says the pedal is to the floor and we are hardly moving.  Hmmm  strange...  I say...  She said the car only has 160,000 miles and there can't be anything wrong with it. Dudley checked the oil and I do need an oil change but I'm getting that stuff today and well I do need a high beam headlight and a backup light but that's all I know.    Hmmm...

Well now the car is rumbling louder and she asks what should I do?  Like I am an expert I tell her pull over off the side of the road and just let it rest and cool down a little.  Meanwhile we call Dudley; who informs us he doesn't like working on these cars with these electronic boards.  So I inform him we will let him know what is going on in a little while.

So she says... let's call Paul.  

She calls Paul, who by the way is enjoying his birthday with a blowout on the way home from Panama himself and is actually about 20 miles ahead of us.  He had to put his spare back on with a bubble in it.  So he turns around his huge van and heads back to us.  He arrives and parks facing us with head lights on and we get under the hood and I start google-ing the words appearing on the dash as she tries to start it.

Tach off ???  Now we determine from Google that it is something to do with the electronics.  So Paul has us start the car (with several attemps and all the dash lights flashing like fireworks and dials on speedometer and tacometer spinning around) we finally get it going and we drive the next 20 some miles towards my house going 20-25 miles per hour.  

We break down just as we pull into the cross street going to my house.... Car is dead. \   Call Dudley...

(Break here for a trip to Panama this morning to get a replacement base for the toilet.  This saga will continue in a few hours later.)  

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