Posted on: Jul 14, 2011 at 12:17
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Tulsa Police Captain Paul Fields was recently suspended for two weeks without pay because he refused to attend a "Law Enforcement Appreciation Day" event at the Islamic Society of Tulsa " an event that was nothing more than Islamic proselytizing.

Islamic Society of Tulsa

According to the Thomas More Law Center, which has filed suit on behalf of Captain Fields, the event required that police officers observe a Friday afternoon Muslim prayer service and attend classes on Islamic beliefs. At first, officers were asked to volunteer to attend the event, but when few signed up to do so, they were ordered to attend.

Imagine the outcry from the ACLU, liberals on college campuses, and newspapers like the New York Times, if the Tulsa police department ordered a Muslim police officer to attend a "Law Enforcement Appreciation Day" during a Sunday morning Christian church service.

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