Posted on: Jul 25, 2012 at 06:22
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Friday night will find us once again at western Pennsylvania's Lernerville Speedway. Through the 70's and 80's many a Friday was spent on the Lernerville dirt. It will be great to reunite with those who remain from days gone by.

Saturday promises to be just a s eventful as we go to Mercer and visit Frank Benic's long standing oval. In talking with Frank the other evening many memories came back about nights spent at Mercer as well. Certainly driving into the blinding sun during hotlaps quickly came to mind. Frank assured me that they had not moved the sun and that the condition still exists.

Over fifty years of visiting these famous speedways holds more memories than one can imagine. It is these recollections that make our association with the Daytona vintage group so important. So many cars and stories to be preserved. It is up to us who remain to keep our history alive. Hope to see many of you this weekend.

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