Tuesday August 28

Posted on: Aug 29, 2012 at 03:39
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Bill gave us a car to drive to Tipton to check out our storage unit. 

We dug through the dusty boxes and retrieved some of our long lost items; which we hadn't seen in a year and Dudley said we obviously didn't use it in a year so why do you need it? How could I use it if it was in storage in Indiana?


After sorting through and boxing up we headed to our old little senior community where we had so many good friends and relationships. We popped in on Mary Ellen again and she called Earlene over and then Pearl. There we were the old foursome. We always enjoyed each others company in activities like crocheting, quilting, shopping, visits to Dairy Queen & McDonalds and most exciting was the dumpster diving and all the treasures we retrieved. Lots of laughs and hugs and kisses and we had to leave for Kokomo again.


Bill and Cathy took us to the local Cracker Barrel for dinner. After eating we all sat in the rockers outside and rocked like old timers.


After getting to Bills house we visited more and Cathy offered us a kitchen table and chairs. The guys carried out the table and chairs and I carried the legs down the stairs from the upstairs in the garage.


We were just getting relaxed when Bill called Dudley and asked him to come in and help witness to a troubled niece in Arizona.  After witnessing for an hour and a half he felt they had made progress in planting seeds and is looking forward to following her progress. 

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