Posted on: Jan 03, 2012 at 04:15
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Recently I have had several people ask me about things they had read in the bible and are conflicted by the explanations offered in their concordance or study bible. These aids can be invaluable when studying but should not be a substitute for the "word" itself.

These explanations were written by scholars and theologians and are the results of exhaustive study and research but are still, for the most part, opinion. All of the supplements and study aids can actually confuse the issue. If three of us see a car accident, we will all report it differently because each of us focus on a different aspect. None of our reports are necessarily wrong, just different and in court could confuse a jury.

If you are now or have been, confused by the study aids, try bypassing them for a bit and just studying the word itself. It is, after all, God breathed and really all we need. Seek His knowledge and it will be given to you. If you don't get it, read it again, and again if needed. Remember, we base our faith on the bible being the hand book for our life here and beyond.

Most of us guys tend to read the directions after the job is completed. This will not work in life. The bible actually tells us not to add to or detract from it. His word is sufficient. Read and study and it will be made clear to you. Knock and the door will be opened.  

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