Posted on: May 08, 2011 at 03:51
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This Post goes out to EVERY FAN of our GREAT Racing Community and World , who has been so kind and generous to have sent out Thoughts and Prayers and the Donations that alot of you may not have, and have given, and the Race Tracks who have been so kind at intermission time to have the drivers pass the helmets around, and Dean Wille of Gator Graphics has made some Get Well Soon HF P decals up for sale. I cannot say enough THANK YOU 's to all of you. It is going better each day, Friday Night was the worst I think when, after the Valley Speedway POWRI midget race , Glenda and I had to do the 1st dressing change at home, it started at 11:45PM and was done at 5:15 AM Saturday morning, it was MISERABLE, just to have the gauze sticking ( that is coated with a vasaline type of gel that is not suppose to stick but did ) to the raw meat part of the open wound area , hurt so freakin bad and the tears and anger was tough , but got thru it and Sundays dressing change was much better , stuck just a little but only about 1 hr20 minutes on the change, so . . I know there will be a few of these painful days, but when you THINK of WHAT the Accident could have been , not being here anymore, you try your best to get thru those painful times the best you can , and keep plugging along. I want to thank all my family for there support and the Dr.s and nurses who have cared for me, the visitors at the hospital and phone calls and all the posts on the websites. Just AWESOME friends you have that sometimes you don't think about. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU ! !! From John , Glenda and Nicole, John Lee 412 NW Nottingham Lane Blue Springs, MO 640145/2

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