TRAVIS RILAT: Not a Cheater

Posted on: Apr 28, 2011 at 03:31
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ASCS officials made a decision in regards to the disqualification of Travis Rilat from the Smileys Racing Products ASCS Gulf South Regional event at Royal Purple Raceway on April 16 for having illegal fuel. Samples were taken after the races that night by ASCS officials and failed a water test. Travis was given samples by officials to have checked out if he wished. Since Rilat uses VP Racing Fuels M1 methanol that he purchases in sealed drums, Rilat decided to send the fuel to VP for an analysis. Test results confirmed that there was a presence of hydrocarbons typical of racing gasoline. "Some how racing gasoline was mixed with our methanol. Why would I do that. Gasoline would not help us out, it would only hurt performance" Rilat explained. According to the ASCS rules, ( only methanol is allowed as a fuel with no additives. "Racing gasoline is surely not an additive and I do not agree with the decision being made but I respect their rules and the ability of the officials to do what ever necessary to enforce them". Travis would like everyone to know that he does not bend the rules, nor ever would. Below is the email that he received from the Senior Chemist at VP in reference to the test analysis.

Travis,   The methanol sample that was given to me was tested for specific gravity, hydrocarbons, and composition via G.C./M.S.. The following are the tests results:    Specific Gravity = 0.7949   Water Test = Failed   G.C./M.S. = Methanol contaminated with hydrocarbons typical of racing gasoline.    The specific gravity is lower than for pure methanol which can be due to the presence of hydrocarbons. The water test passes if 1 part methanol is mixed with 3 parts distilled water is shaken and stays clear. A cloudy appearance indicates the presence of hydrocarbons in the methanol and is considered a fail to this test. Gas Chromatograph/ Mass Spectrometry (G.C./M.S.) confirmed the presence of hydrocarbons in the methanol.     Duane Minazzi  Senior Chemist  VP Racing Fuels, Inc.

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