Posted on: May 16, 2011 at 02:39
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Once again the weather has wrecked the racing at many tracks across the country. A few got their shows in with extra effort from the track crews and patience of the fans. We often forget how important the track preparation crews are when all goes well but we sure remember them when things are rough or dusty. A good job was done at several tracks to race in spite of less than ideal conditions.

All this, along with greater costs for everything from fuel to food have really hit all the racers hard this season. Some are staying close to home to cut expenses only to be sidelined because of the weather. This is a tough business when all is going well let alone when everything seems to be against you. As we get well along in the month of May, we can only hope for more positive remainder of the season.

We wish the best to everyone who has the courage to hang in there and keep showing up week in and week out. God Bless and in the words of a famous philosopher " Git'er Done"....

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