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NOTE: We have been praying for Danny through a request submitted by Randy Cronk. Make sure you read to paragraph five. Indeed God is good.
Good morning family,

I have gotten a few inquiries on Danny so here's the update. Physically, Danny is doing great, line upon line. Last week the surgeon said his blood work was in the good/great area - which was fabulous to hear. Danny is taking a diuretic specifically for abdominal fluid, and it has reduced consideraby - he has to remain on that until he sees the surgeon again on the 14th. So with that, we have to keep an eye on other things (potassium) - it definately is taking all the fluid out of him. His incision has finally healed with fluid not leaking out which is a big AMEN! All staples were removed.

Pain in the surgical area is the most frequent issue right now, but this is expected. Without the fluid pressure, his body is finally adjusting and one thing leads to another. The good thing is God is our provision, and with each issue,Danny is given a solution and he moves forward. It is not easy, but he is managing and getting stronger every day.

We are still working on the eating issue - he is still a bit skinny. He smiled at me and I told him his teeth looked funny - there is no fat in his face so his smile is Even one of the above issues would cause you to loose your appetite, he has many so it is a daily struggle. But as each issue is addressed and resolved/healed we are sure it will return to normal and I will be yelling at him to stay out of the cookie jar. The surgeon did remove his gallbladder to get to tumor, so some of his appetite issues we are sure are related.

Emotionally he is much better. Yesterday he said it is just so hard because he wants to do more, but his body is not cooperating. He is beginning to read a bit more, he is up and around a lot, and last week, he was able to go outside. We are anxious for the weather to change so he can go out more - the cold (and Ice) is still a big factor to him. We are definately catching up on all episodes of every show ever made.....I think we have watched every episode of Bonanza (he is a western fan), Gold Rush, Swamp Wars, Storage Wars.....thank goodness there is a TV in my

Danny and I want to share something that happened in the hospital. Danny was having a difficult night towards the end, and he was praying and he felt a presence in the room. He looked around and saw me in the recliner but as he looked over the room, someone else was there. He said it was a vision, but he saw a nun - in the old black and white - kneeling and praying. He closed his eyes and continued to pray, asking God "why did you send me a nun, I'm not catholic"? He said he thought about what a woman represents in the Bible - she represents the Bride, the Church....then he realized what she represented to him. She represented ALL OF YOU - THE UNIVERSAL CHURCH-WHO WERE PRAYING FOR HIM, FOR OUR FAMILIES. You were in the room with us. We were never alone, God just sent us a reminder that HE WILL NEVER LEAVE US, NOR FORSAKE US.

We love you all. We are truely blessed. When Danny shares this vision, he can barely speak - it always chokes him up. Me too. Can't express it all - what our children, our families, our friends, our church, our GOD means to us. There are literally thousands of people praying - all over the world for Danny. Shaking heaven on our behalf. WOW! Isn't our God Cool???!!!
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