Posted on: May 12, 2012 at 12:19
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Thank you. Really, thank you. Last Tuesday night we knew we could not keep the motorhome, do the ministry and get a decent house as well. No way. There was just not enough money coming in to do all that. Wednesday afternoon God had worked out all the details and we had an affordable house in a beautiful location. The deal was done by His intervention with all involved. Prayer still works. Not as a last resort but as the first order of business in our daily lives. So, to each of you who remembered us in the shortest of prayers, again, a heart felt thank you.

We are behind in our trip preparations mostly for fuel. The sides of the National Speedway Ministries motorhome are still available for your message. We plan to cover 15 states, thousands of miles with countless people viewing what can be your message on the highway and at very visable venues across the the country. With that said, we trust God in this as we did for getting us a house and in all other things as well. 

Thank you again faithfull friends.

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