Posted on: Aug 06, 2011 at 01:34
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The WOO travelers returned to the Bloomington,IN oval after over an absence of over a decade. Their return was welcomed by fans turning out from every corner of the territory. A couple of hours of light rain in the afternoon could not even slow the flood of cars to the green parking area. Better yet they got their moneys worth.

There were a few names missing from the roster that were already at or on their way to Knoxville, but there were plenty to please the excited crowd. Yes, they got to see the home town Kinsers. Three of them in fact, Steve, Kraig and Cody all made the 3 mile ride from the Kinser compound. All in all the fans saw great racing on a good track which held up for the entire event. The speedway itself was prepared for the visitors with professional push trucks, friendly staff and facilities that made it easy to enjoy the program. Some other Indiana track personnel might find it worth their time to drive south and have a look.

Thanks to the speedway for their hospitality to Nancy and I and we will be back for a regular show. We had heard that this was a family and racer friendly deal and it really is.

We will take a look at our schedule and decide what direction we need to take from here.We have a new grand niece in KY just over the line from Lawerenceburg which we already had on the schedule. It is great meeting new friends and spending time with old ones. Thanks again to all who have welcomed us and to those whom we have yet to invade, look out here we come. Thanks again to Bloomington Speedway. Keep doing it the way you are doing it. We will see you again.

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