Posted on: Aug 15, 2011 at 11:42
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 PLEASE EVERYONE PRAY FOR THE LYNCH FAMILY. Jean, Eddie III, Sye and Zane were in a horrible car accident this morning. They are all in the trauma unit in Fort Wayne Hospital. Update 1 - Without going into too much detail at the request of the family, none of the Lynch family injuries are life threatening, but Jean, Eddie III, Sye and Zane have a variety of injuries with various degrees of severity, but again, no life-threatening injuries! Please say a prayer if you are so inclined, Chad Hill will be keeping me posted with any updates. Update 2 - Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers, just spoke to Chad, Jean and Zane will have surgery in AM to repair compound fractures, Eddie has been released but is very sore/bruised and Sye is being kept overnight for observation but is expected to be released in the AM. Eric J. Westendorf Lernerville Speedway  8/14

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