Thanksgiving Day

Posted on: Nov 23, 2012 at 02:41
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Just sitting here stuffed from the beautiful dinner we enjoyed with our dear friends Pastor Johnny & Shirley Newton here in our town.   

We have been running so much this past two weeks with church get togethers and funeral dinners, shopping and fixing up the house.  Dudley's family was hit hard Friday as his nephew Vance lost his Dad in Chattahooche, Fl and his funeral was on Wed. Then another nephew here in town, Jim lost his exwife and mother of his two grown kids the same day.  Dudley is doing the memorial service for her on Saturday.

I spent late last evening cooking pies, sweet potato casserole and holiday soup with homemade croutons.... and giblet gravy and dressing for today.  Well in the midst of all this cooking the refrigerator/freezer decides to quit.  I found everything in the freezer soft....  what a mess.. take most and put into the big freezer on sunporch and the fridge stuff needed to be carried back into the motorhome refrigerator after just getting it cleaned out for the next trip on Tuesday of next week.  We will be headed to Gainsville for the last race of the season.    

So we not only have to keep our eyes open for a kitchen stove, a few bottom cabinets for can goods storage and now we have to shop for a working refrigerator. 

The fun never ends does it?  

But as I mentioned we had a beautiful day with good friends and we are very thankful for being able to spend quality time with them.

Came home and got a phone call from my oldest son, Chris from Indiana and then at the same time youngest son Jeff from Ohio was having Thanksgiving with my Mom in West Virginia and we had a video call from him.  It was nice to see my Mom smiling and enjoying the day with Jeff and his wife Colleen.  

Expecting I will be on video this evening with Chris when he gets back home.  Hoping to see the grandkids with their warm smiles. Sure do miss them.


Well take care until next time...  God Bless and hope you all remembered to ponder on all the things that you are thankful for today & everyday.

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