Saturday July 14

Posted on: Jul 15, 2012 at 10:57
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Friday.....After a full day of shopping with Mom we each decided to rest a while. Suddenly at around 3pm Mom opened the door and came walking out of her house across her rough uneven yard using her walker.  As she was coming towards the motorhome; I ran outside to meet her and found out that her next door neighbor, Edith had fallen and couldn't get up.  She couldn't dial her son's number correctly but since she calls Mom each day she could call her number for help with no problem.  Dudley & I quickly hurried over to find that Edith's door was locked.  We tried calling all the number listed for her son and his children in the phone book but couldn't get anyone.  We went back to Ediths door and I was trying to talk to her through the steel door but just couldn't understand much of what she was saying.  I tried to ask her if she wanted me to call 911 ? ?  Her phone was now off the hook so I couldn't even talk to her on it.  We could hear her making sentences so we knew she sounded ok. We just couldn't understand anything she was saying.  After about 10 minutes more her son drove up the driveway.  Seeing us there at the door, thinking we were just coming over to visit his mother he started to the mailbox.  I stopped him and said your Mom has fallen and the house is locked.  He said. " Again?  The ambulance was here this morning when she fell and called 911.


So after opening the door he and Dudley went in to pick her up to her feet.  She was ok and wasn't hurt.  Just shaken up and very weak.  She wanted to sit in the livingroom and asked that we sit with her for a little while. Her son, John and I used to play piano and sing together when we were teens; so we were reminiscing about the old days.  Dudley left to reassure Mom that her friend Edith was ok.  John started to ask me about our ministry.  God provided an awesome opportunity to witness to both my Catholic friends about how God has been working in my life since I got saved in 1999.  How He has been there through all my trials and tribulations and taken me through it all as I leaned on my Lord Jesus Christ.  


Saturday.... July 14    Decided to bake Italian Pizelle cookies.  

After that Dudley decided we should take a ride to get change of pace.

We drove through Weirton and then on to Pennsylvania.  As he drove through the town of Cross Creek, he showed me the house and yard where he grew up and all of the yards he used to play around with his friends.

Next we drove back through Burgettstown and up through the back roads to Hanlon Station where my Mom grew up.  I saw the old bridge, which used to be small boards just lying across the beams and the old farm that was Grandma and Grandpa's.  I took pictures as I remembered places Mom might remember. Monday I will take my computer into the house and project the pictures on the big screen from my phone so maybe she can see them and bring a little happiness in her day.   At 89 her cateracts are beyond surgery so I hope she will be able to see these pictures.   


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