Sunday August 27

Posted on: Aug 27, 2012 at 08:43
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SUNDAY morning Pastor John and Dudley left very early for the men's breakfast at the big Methodist church.

I woke up feeling cold and found the window above my head was open all night. Sore throat and head congested I went in the other room to take my pills and found all the windows open. I was chivering now so I decided to get my shower and get ready for church. You really appreciate a home with a shower and steady running water at a fixed temperature. Motorhome showering is a real experience.

After that I decided to cut my hair since it was down to my shoulders and in all directions.

Located my very sharp scissors and started cutting and trimming my hair. Doing good until the back as I reached back to cut I held the hair with my left hand and and cut with right hand. Snip, Snip and cut a V into the palm of my left hand. After cleaning up the blood everywhere; I finished the hair style. Just then Dudley came in and said “IT'S TIME TO GO”..... WHAT? I said..... no I'm not ready....

I grabbed my brush, makeup and a slice of bread and hurried and spread butter on it and headed for the car. Nearly choked on the bread as it was so dry.

Now we arrived at the church and I went down to the restroom to finish getting ready. I started to set my purse on the sink and there it was.... a large cricket with his tenticles moving around. If any one knows me; they know how much I hate bugs of any kind. Now I can't scream for Dudley since we are in church and people were upstairs and would hear me. So I mustered up enough courage to grab a tissue to try and smash him. Well he had other ideas and started to jump in the sink. After about 8 tries I was able to get him. I squeezed him so hard and then I got weak and had to sit down.

I returned upstairs shaking and we I went over to practice the song on the organ I was to play for the offeratory.

I practiced singing my song last night and everything was good.

The service started and was going good. I played the organ song and Pastor John went into his message. Then he asked me to share my song. The music started and I began to sing. My voice was not coming out right. I am actually very hoarse and by the second line I said I can't do it and stopped.

After apologizing I started to testify and it seemed like God gave me the words. I was glad that I was able to sing last week as they actually knew I could make a joyful noise unto the Lord.

We decided to have lunch at Subway and that was a nice fellowship time with Pastor John and Janis.

Getting ready to leave for Kokomo as we had a dinner engagement with another long time friend, Linda Smith. Everything is ready, got into our seats and now the motorhome won't start. No sound just dead. Out goes Dudley and under the motorhome in his dress clothes. It's about 89 degrees outside now and he is having such a hard time. I called our friend Linda and let her know we were going to be late. After about 20 minute he figured out that when fixing one wire he knocked another one off. So now it starts and we are ready; after he now gets cleaned back up again.

Hopefully this is the end to a bad day!

We arrived at Linda's place and she had a beautiful meatloaf dinner prepared for us. After dinner we enjoyed catching up with each others lives as it had been close to 3 yrs since we had see her and her daughter Amber.


We left for our friends house also in Kokomo, Bill & Cathy. He is the owner of one of the sprint car teams. They had all of their family there for Cathy's mom's birthday. We got there in time for a piece of chocolate cake. We decided to spend the night on the street out in front of their house. Bill and dudley hooked us up to their electric and started to rain. It rained so hard but we had a good nights sleep.

This turned out to be a very nice day after all that happened earlier.   Thank you God.



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