Posted on: Jul 17, 2011 at 11:53
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Today's sprint cars are the safest in the history of the sport. Eldora, even at the speeds attained there, is safer than a lot of the bull rings where they run. WOO drivers wear the very best personal protection equipment available however, stuff happens. If everyone could do this, would it still hold the appeal? It is a dangerous sport, not in need of any outside regulation or government supervision. If something gets broke, we will fix it.

That said, our prayers are with Joey Saldana. Joey like his dad before him, is a very good driver and it is hard not to think that he will soon pull off a WOO championship. At first reports it sounds like Joey is really banged up and that the remainder of the season will probably not include Joey in the #9. Our prayers are with Joey for a quick and complete recovery. We remember the previous injury and Joey's suprise return after only missing a week. God bless Joey, and we are praying for you.

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