Posted on: Apr 30, 2011 at 02:29
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Why do promoters put it to their regular top class that pays their bills and put people in the stands season after season? Both Gas City and Kokomo, non winged sprint car tracks in central Indiana have done it again. They park their premium class, the sprint cars, and bring in the USAC sprints. Their regular sprint cars have to tow to a distant track or keep them parked as their home track hosts someone else. What is worse, is that due to the weather the regulars have yet to turn a lap.

Why can't they bring in the special show on an off night or at least combine the two. Don't enough people want to see the USACers to show up on another night? Instead they let the regulars know that they are not important enough to maintain their night and their fan base is dispensible.

I have friends who run the non wing sprints and if I drove a hundred miles or so expecting them to be running on what is supposed to be their night at a particular track and found another group there, I would unhappy to say the least. These tracks do the same thing with visiting midgets. Again the regulars are sidelined. It really shows how much they care for their regulars.

Promoters? Promoters? You have got to be kidding. At a time when they should be wooing their money division they kick dirt in their faces and tell them they are second class citizens. Jack Gunn, Don Martin and other real promoters have to be spinning in their graves. Are these guys taking management lessons from the goverment?

Sorry for the rant but please don't call these people promoters.

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