Posted on: Nov 18, 2011 at 03:04
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The city of Glendale is imposing a ban on artificial grass. Notices are going out to homeowners whose front yards are covered in turf.

Geneva Dotson says she was forced to pay crews $3,000 to rip up her brand new front yard after receiving a notice from city hall.

â€"There's enough drama in life without having the city breathing down my back,” says Dotson. â€"I'm very angry about it, to tell you the truth.”

So, what's the gripe?

City officials say the concern is related to the plastic and chemicals used in the artificial turf.

When asked why the fake grass would continue to be allowed in backyards, officials had no answer.

A turf company contacted by KCAL9 said some artificial lawns contain lead, but there is no harm posed to children or adults.

City officials say they plan to press criminal charges against those who do not comply with the ban.

NOTE: We have seriously considered full time living in the motorhome. Considering neighborhood covenants, water and sewage rates, power rate increases, the threat of losing your property at the goverments whim, it just isn't worth it any more. How did we ever let it get to this point? If you have turf in your yard, are you responsible if the mail person gets turf toe?

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