Posted on: May 03, 2012 at 01:29
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Today we visited with my niece Margaret and husband Arnie at the occasion of the celebration of life for their daughter Courtney Erin McMillion who was soon to be Courtney Norris. Fiance Zac and several hundred other admirers of Courtney attended as well. We received a call Friday evening that Courtney for no apparent reason, had left this life. This was partially true.

Courtney though already celebrating a new life in the presence of God the Father and her beloved Jesus, continued to witness to hundreds of people since her leaving, by the witness of her life. We saw beautiful video tributes to her life and to her ongoing witness. Too many to mention are the lives she touched. She spoke not a word but melted many a heart through the example of her life. Her twenty two years here was a testimony to God's working through special souls He allows us to share. She wasted few of her days. No, Courtney is not dead but alive and celebrating in a place through her example, many others are likely to atain. Special, exceptional, yes she truly is. An example of reaching a place in this life other young people should seek to share.

Zac, in an example of humble sacrifice, when ask to speak about his Courtney simply prayed that those in attendance would seek Christ and find the place that Courtney now enjoys. Special young people? You bet. An example of Christian upbringing and continuing on their own, their walk with Christ.

Tonight we grieve for ourselves. Our hearts break for Margaret, Arnie, Zac and all who share this loss. Oh, if we could just get a glimpse of Courtney tonight and see what she sees. Through the witness of her life and even the testimony during her passing, more will have an opportunity to one day share this glorious view.

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