September 25 Tuesday

Posted on: Sep 25, 2012 at 01:23
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Looking back over the last three days.....

Sunday night Dudley & I gave a missions report at the evening service...  I used Google docs and converted it to power point and if you ever have to do a presentation I would suggest you try Google as it was actually so much easier than using power point and saving each screen.  Google is right there and saves it automatically for you.   

The service started out with a beautiful young high school cheerleader named Jenna being baptized. Following the evening service we enjoyed an ice cream social with lots of delicious types of cakes made by Glenda Camp.  

How spiritually uplifting to see a young lady taking an outward sign of faith for an inward feeling of devotion and faith to our Lord Jesus Christ.   

The house.... well we drove back to Panama City to get another sheet of vinyl and more grab it glue for the bathroom walls. The house is taking a lot of work but will be so nice when we finish it.

Still looking for an easy way to clean off the mold from furniture.  We have an air machine with a sanitizer running in the house and it seems pretty good to breathe in there now.  I am going to pitch some of the junk and this would be a good excuse to rid myself of extra purses, old shoes and some of Dudley's hats......  

Slowly cleaning and unpacking boxes, putting up shelves and pictures is a full time job but I did manage over the weekend to decorate the 6 wreaths in fall foilage for the church for Sunday morning.  They looked so warm and friendly and pays credit to God's choice of colors for falls....

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