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Posted on: Sep 21, 2012 at 01:28
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Well here we are a few days later.  Enjoyed my birthday and all the birthday wishes I received.  Lots of friends and family out there that remembered me. Thanks to everyone.  Spent part of my day at the local doctors office, Dr Barnes to find out I have Pleurisy. Well he calls in the nurse to give me two steroid shots in guess where?   In comes Dudley's 89 yr old Aunt Nellie Wade.  She is a retired army nurse from WWII and still a fulltime working nurse here in Wewa.  She is quite a landmark in town as she used to also be the vet years ago for lots of the animals and is well know in the community.  We just happened to move in between the doctors office and her home, so we see her each morning at 7:30am driving by our little road on her way to work. 

So Aunt Nellie checks me with blood pressure and listens to my chest and tells me you have Pleurisy.  Hmmm

Now I go into the room and get checked out by the doctor and after many questions and details and checks in his computer he say well it's probably pleurisy.   Hmmmm

Pleurisy is inflammation of the lining of the lungs and chest (the pleura) that leads to chest pain (usually sharp) when you take a breath or cough.  But other than that I am fine with new bug bites every day.  (Did I mention how much I hates bugs.)  Brings me to the question..... will there be bugs in heaven???  Will God teach them not to bite me up there and maybe just eat what they are supposed to eat.  (Other bugs?)

Started working on the wreaths for our church for Sunday.  Fall is such a beautiful season.  All the colors God creates in natures foilage just shows a tiny glimpse of the beauty that awaits us when we get to Heaven. No man could ever design or create the beauty that God has designed for us.  Just look around and here by the lake every morning it is so beautiful with all types of birds chirping and tweeting and pleasantly starting the day off.  "Baby"  our cat putting her whiskers in your face saying it's morning time to feed me or she just sits on Dudley's night stand staring at him till he moves and then gives him his whiskers kisses.  

So up and at'em we go.  

Thursday I went to Panama City for shopping with my friend Lee. We went to the BX to get her meds and then to Walmart to get mine.  She had some bloodwork to get done and that took over an hour waiting for her doctors office to fax over the paperwork.  Seems like they had lost her folder since last week when she called to have it faxed.  Guess they didn't get to it and misplaced the folder and so we waited an hour for them to find it.   

Before we left in June I had some x-rays done on my left hip.  They submitted the bill to medicare who paid their part and I had received the bill for my part.  So I was anxious on my return home to hear about the results as to why I have pain in my hip, which was keeping me from walking my 2 miles a day.  Doctor looked into the computer in my file and guess what?  They never received the report yet.  So I had to just sit there till they called around and found out where the x-ray results were now.  Funny how they immediately bill medicare and send you the bill for your 20% but just never got around to the unimportant part of sending the results to your doctor.    That has never happened to you has it?????

While I was gone yesterday till 6 pm; my sweet little working hard hubby kept busy.  He cleared out junk and took out his well worn rocking chair to the burn pile.  I guess Paul Griffin, our church friend stopped by and helped him carry it out.  They put a match to it and as Dudley turned around thinking it might not start, Paul told him to turn around and see the bonfire. The chair burst into flames that rose above like an explosion !!

 Well we were discussing that this morning about all the new furniture being so flammable and very dangerous to anyone who might be sitting there and dropping a spark from a candle or cigarette and you wouldn't have time to jump out of the chair;  well just then on the TV we had on something probably on the morning show I think the one with Leeza Gibbons and they were talking about comparing years ago furniture to todays new furniture which uses the materials based with an oil product which ignites very quickly.  That is scary and we are wondering what else we have that is that dangerous.  Something to think about??   Hmmm...

Dudley cleared the corner out and worked on more mold that had accumlated while we were gone and was able to set up my Keyboard and the his birthday present to me a brown storage wicker/leather padded top chest like box to store my sheet music.  Can't wait to get in there this morning to check it out.  Our little home will be so nice when we get it all done.  

Well the clock on the wall says my tetracycline has had an hour without food so i can now get my breakfast and morning pills.    Y'all take care and may you have a blessed day.  

If anyone has a brilliant idea about how to remove white dusty mold off of upolstered chairs and wood safely; please let me know.  Thanks


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