September 18 Tuesday

Posted on: Sep 18, 2012 at 11:54
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September 18, Happy Anniversary to my Husband of 13 years today.

We started the day out by helping our good friends and then enjoyed lunch at Hungry Howies.


Started out this morning updating the blog and after I took so long it timed out on me and I lost it all. So here I go again.


I'm behind on my blogs due to our mixed up routine. First of all on the way home we broke down in Dothan, AL. Lost the seal on the transmission and smoke was pouring out under the motorhome so we spent the night in Dothan across the street from an Auto Zone. Well do you think that was just a coincidence or was God watching over us again? Dudley worked on it for quite some time Tuesday evening and back and forth to Auto Zone with sealer and transmission fluid.


After he showered and the inside of the motorhome cooled off we settled down for the evening.

The phone rang and it was our racing friends from Indiana the Frederickson's. There was a 15 yr old young man named Jake who was learning and helping to prepare the car for the races. The call was to ask Dudley to pray with Jake because he wanted to invite Jesus into his heart. That was the highlight of the trip. Dudley was jumping up and down and praising the Lord..... just like the angels in heaven.


The next morning, Wednesday we started for home and just took it easy. What normally would take about an hour took a little over 2 hours, but we were so thankful we had no more trouble as we pulled into our driveway in Wewahitchka.


So excited as we dashed into the house to check it out and start unloading the motorhome that was filled to the door with the contents of our storage unit that we closed out in Tipton, IN. After entering the house we were saddened by the whitish green mold which covered most of the furniture and boxes in the house. It seems it rained almost every day for the first two months after we left on our trip north. All the leather items, chairs, purses and shoes were covered with spotted mold; recliners and tables were also covered with spotted mold. Needless to say we were sick. I couldn't stay in there much so I left and went back into the motorhome and settled down with the 10 storage tubs, a large table & 5 chairs and 3 cases of canned tomato juice and cases of red beans and tomatoes with green chilis from “Red Gold” produced and canned in Elwood, IN. Nice and cozy.


Went back in a little later and just started to cry...... Everything was so nice and clean when we left and

all that work we did was undone and now we needed to start all over again cleaning.


Sunday morning came and we were happy to be reunited with all of our church family at Westside Baptist church. They welcomed us back and told us how much they missed us. It was a good day that the Lord had made and we were glad in it.


Monday was spent working in the house getting the new breaker box installed and an air conditioner installed in one of the windows.


We had an appointment in Callaway with a very nice couple who were planning a beach wedding in October. Dudley and I enjoyed a beautiful evening with them and a great meal at PoFolks.


Looking forward to Wednesday and getting the electric turned on and starting work on installing the bathroom and cleanup.

And   my birthday.....!!!!!!!!  Sept. 19. 

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