Saturday July 7

Posted on: Jul 07, 2012 at 11:19
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Packing everything for travel. Secure all items and doors. Say goodbye to friend Lee who came to see us off.

Stopped at landlady Tweeda's to say goodbye. Received good wishes for safe trip. Stopped at Harold's for propane saw several people from church there.

First situation: motorhome wouldn't start. Heard us trying to start and Worker came out and started it with starting battery. Found out cable was loose in battery connector. On to IGA for fillup.

Now on the road north. . Wow. What was that we just heard a loud bang. BLOWOUT!! We. We drove off the road to check and yes inside tire lost it's rubber down to the steel belt. Drove it slow about a mile and half and there is a service station. What we were on the wrong road and broke down near a service station. God sure is good! Stopped in market side to find out tire guy, Kevin was just leaving. Should have already been gone. Tire store closes at noon and it's after 1:00 now. .

God provided a great opportunity to witness to a young man in need. He spent 3 hours trying to find a tire to fit our motorhome and ended up having to call around and finally had to get one about 25 mins away from one of his competitor we lost a tire but gained an opportunity to witness.

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