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Posted on: Mar 07, 2012 at 02:59
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Feb 28 - March 4   Orlando  Speedworld

We had a safe trip down and back and that is the only thing that went well.

It started with a huge motorhome and trailer being hit coming to the track.  65 feet long and lights along the top and bottom and the other driver said he didn't see it.
There were several crashes on the track,  one particularly bad deal was a push man, Bob, driving a 4 wheeler tried to make it across the track in front of a sprint car and well he was hit.  He flew into the air and landed on his head and back.  Bleeding and barely unable to move the ambulance took him to the hospital in critical condition.... Dudley accompanied him for fear he would not make it.
His step son's wife was in a truck with her husband and saw the entire thing.  They also live with the injured man.  She was histerical and they carried her off the track to where I was and my work started.  I spend 2 hours praying and calming her and well she had one of the worst panic attacks I have ever seen.  Finally had to put her on Xanax and a cigarette started to calm her down after a while.

Another driver good friend of ours, Jerry, came off the track and somehow his car burst into flames as he left the ignition on.  There was extensive damage to his car, but thank God he was not hurt.

His friend David, who drove the big motorhome had his sprint car with a brand new motor, went out to race and motor died and his car wouldn't move.

Dudley was given the opportunity to drive the Dale, the president of the DAARA organization's antique white roadster.  All looked good as we lined him up.  I ran up the hill to the track to film him.

I was watching the end of the modified stock cars go around the track when a yellow car spun out and smashed into the wall.  It took them about 20 minutes to get him towed off backwards with a wrecker; while poor Dudley was sitting down there in the roadster in 90 degrees in a snowsuit waiting for his turn to go up.
As the white car came up I turned on the recorder and started to film.  Good race I thought and then the cars went out and I went down the hill.

Just then someone yelled "  Hey where you going? "   Aw  OH  !  Dudley??    Who was that I just filmed??  Don't tell me I did that again this year !  I filmed the wrong car.  So back up the hill and rocks to the track to film the next race which was Dudley's race.  I prayed the batteries would hold out.  Well they did and well the race was ok and I got him when the went into a spin and he did a big donut into the inside of the track.   He was ok and no marks on the beautiful car. Ok so now back down the hill and rocks..... OUCH that is hard on my knees and hip.

Then our friend Dave Cash was in the famous Gambler, manufacture # 5.  There were only so many of them made.  Really valuable.  He crashed into the wall.    The car hit the wheel in the front car and went up into the wall and stood on it's nose and then rolled over.  Thank God Dave had all the most modern and best safety equipment and walked away with a bumped knee.  The funny thing was that morning before the race he asked Dudley to put this Driver's Prayer on his dash and pray for him and the car.   He walked away without a scratch.   The car belonged to his wife's father and needless to say he was heartbroken.

Later another car # 55,  smashed into the wall and bent the whole front end.  Same man had another car an old Chevy Belaire.  Yes that one blew the motor. 

I was asked to work the bake sale on Fri and Sat.  Well needless to say I got such a bad burn, sun poisoning, hives and a hip that leaves me limping.  Oh yes and I got 5 big bites from who knows what.  Oh yea also a dog bit me on my arm, because I reached down to pick up an empty jug blowing away from the owners car.  He was protecting his owners stuff.  I had just pet her earlier and she was friendly.

We had a barbeque on Sat night, pulled pork was delicious but chicken was not cooked enough, and then the awards & trophies and then Karoake and dancing under the stars.   (Now I realized my hip was hurt from the hill so I am limping around but still dancing a little to make Dudley feel better.)

Planned on the church service in the morning.  However; the storms hit in the morning and we had so much rain, lighting and thunder and finally wind that never quit.  Most of the drivers left on Sunday morning and all the activities were cancelled.  What's that saying?  "Rain or shine we dress for every game."   Well we were dressed and ready to serve but had to be cancelled. 

Our friend Gene from Ohio, had his clutch go out and he couldn't move the truck.  It had to be towed back to the track to our motorhome.  He had a trailer with a car and motorcycle and dog in it.  Well he found a person with a wrecker who would repair it so with our motorhome we towed his trailer and all his stuff to another town about 30 miles up the road in another direction. We left the trailer at the location where his truck was going to be repaired and said goodbyes.  We left him with the Bud, brother of the Bob, who was hurt. He was going to take Gene home with him and take care of him until his truck was repaired.   Well about 50 miles up the road I happened to see his cancer cream on the counter and we had to call him and see if we could connect with him to give it back to him.  He really needed it plus it cost $300 !!!   We pulled off the next exit and waited for them to come by.  Said good by again and we all went on our way. 

Well the Bob, who was seriously hurt ended up in a body cast with 2 broken vertebrae in the neck and 2 broken in his back also a broken breast bone.  Well on Sunday we found out he was later taken by helicopter to Gainesville hospital for surgery.

What a weekend.  Several motors were blown and a lot of close calls.  

Now just to get home.   We fought 18 - 50 mile an hour winds to start most of the way back home till we reached Tallahassee.   Rocking and rolling from side to side and well we sure enjoyed relaxing in Steak and Shake before fueling up again and departing again for home.
All in all it was a memorable 6 days where God allowed us to serve him and minister to the people. Thank you DAARA assoc. for the kindness you all showed us.
So nice to be back home in Wewahitchka.   
Compared to all the storm damages all over the states; I believe DAARA (Dayton Antique Auto Racing Association) had a pretty good Spring National 2012. 

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