Posted on: Feb 11, 2012 at 05:10
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As we are looking for sponsorship and offering advertising opportunities, we are on occasion asked if we are a 501-C corp. We are not and will not be. We are non profit but will not file as 501-C and loose the freedom to speak for or against a person or government issue that we care about. Also, Nancy and I are equal decision makers and are not responsible to officers or a board of directors.

We continue to lose our freedom to speak on issues of the day as freedom is labeled "hate speech". We will not fail to speak about the important subjects that have an effect on our personal and spiritual lives. We welcome individuals to join our ministry as advertisers or sponsors and they should check with their accountant as to their ability to get tax credit for their participation. Certainly, we feel there are exposure and other association rewards from participating with a faith based program such as ours. You may request a 2012 proposal for details.

As we get older, the direction and decline of our country and the loss of our constitutional and worship freedoms become more important to us and demand that we verbalize our concerns. The purpose of our efforts has been to care and to serve and we hope to be able to continue through the 2012 season as in the past. Please contact us for any questions you may have and we thank you for your interest.

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