Posted on: Feb 28, 2011 at 01:57
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I tried. I really tried. Staying awake for a 400 mile NASCAR race on a one mile track takes endurance, dedication and perseverance. I failed. Twice in one afternoon... Even the crashes have become repetitive and boring. These folks pay high dollars for tickets, travel, accommodations and all that goes along with it to see brightly painted cars in a noisy parade. This while there is probably a sprint car race in their back yard. How do they sell this stuff? Where are our promoters or are there any dirt track promoters left? A hurdred thousand people paying to endure this while there is wheel to wheel action within less than a hundred miles from their home. What am I missing here? If they can sell this as racing excitement then I can sell deep freezes in Alaska. We have a better product for far less money and we are keeping it a secret from the world. What is wrong with this picture?
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