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Lou Blaney Memorial...1 49 Brad Sweet 2 2 Dale Blaney 3 5 Kasey Kahne 4 55 Dave Blaney 5 10 Carl Bowser 6 8 Mike Lutz 7 08 Dan Kuriger 8 22 Brandon Spithaler 9 D12 Jason Dolick 10 51 Roger Campbell 11 5K Adam Kekich 12 7 Eric Williams 13 13 Brandon Matus 14 57 Gary Edwards 15 33 Brent Matus 16 5M Bob McMillin 17 16 Jimmy Morris III 18 23JR Jack Sodeman JR 19 5B Adam Anderson 20 14 Tony Stewart 21 15H Sam Hafertepe Jr. Lou was a friend and a class guy for his whole career. I watched him from being a kid in the white Cadillac powered coupe, through his long career in the sprint cars and through his modified days. I raced with him as Dave and Dale grew up and Lou was always the same. With his passing, the racing world lost a true friend and a great gentleman racer. What great memories survive of those days. The Blaney stable of Lou, Gib Orr and Dale Johnson. Lou remembered with a heavy heart yet also with a gratefull smile.

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