Posted on: Jul 28, 2012 at 12:05
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The rains came, and came, and came. Gas City, Attica and Lernerville all fell to the wet stuff. The track crew at Lernerville had things ready to go and were actually putting water on the track when the last deluge hit. Hear Gas City was about the same.

As for the Brian Steinman benefit, that will take place next week. Chaplain Bill Beck and wife Judy spent a couple of hours with us last night and filled us in on the Steinmans. This is a great young couple that right now needs a hand and our prayers. Brian is going to fight to get better and with God's intervention and with our prayers that will happen. He is moving his fingers on one hand and that is a great sign. Anything right now along with your prayers is appreciated.

Judy Beck is also an answer to prayer and to meet her and have her be able to visit us in our motorhome was sunshine on a rainy day. We had a great visit with the Becks and caught up on the great work Bill does for the racing community. Retire, retire, you gotta be kidding. Pennsylvania racing is much the better for having Bill doing God's work for the racers and fans alike. 

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