Posted on: Aug 02, 2011 at 03:41
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The infinite wisdom of some "promoters" continues. Kokomo Speedway, one of Indiana's oldest venues goes dark for all of August till a couple of shows late in September. Huh?? The secret races run there this season without any advertising local or otherwise, drew enough fans to keep the gates open this far. August, the traditional vacation month for many, could bring in more than enough folks perhaps even increase the cash drawer. This would however. require some advertising which would be a new venture for current management.

No thought is given to the three regular divisions. Tow for miles or park'em. The racers seem to be just a necessary problem to deal with to get butts into the stands. Jack Gunn, Don Martin, Whitey Hollowood and others that understood that promoting meant more than swinging open the gates would laugh these folks out of existence in a heart beat.

We could count on tracks running a full season schedule from frost in the spring to frost in the fall. People knew that if you were a Friday track or a Saturday or Sunday track that you were running on your appointed night no matter what other tracks ran against you. Your gates were open and the pits and stands reflected it. Today in central Indiana you need a score card to see if you are running the next weekend or not.

It would be good to see someone take Kokomo to it's once prominent position in sprint car competition in Indiana. As it is now it would probably be better used to grow some Indiana soy beans. These folks definitely missed the "how to win friends and influence people" course.

God Bless and see you at the races.

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