July 9 Monday

Posted on: Jul 10, 2012 at 03:02
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Spent the night at Dudley's neice's house and with his brother near Princeton, WV.  

Monday started out early.....The rooster started crowing and wouldn't shut up.  He could have waited until daylight.  Next someone fell out of bed in the next room.  Then they were calling for his neice to wake up to get ready for work.    So we might as well get up too.

Brother took us to breakfast at the Omelet house.....   Then back to our motorhome up at the plaza where we left it and the baby.  

We stepped up into the motorhome and couldn't find "Baby".  She was hiding in the closet.  Mad because Dudley wasn't here to feed her at the crack of dawn when the birdies started singing.... she wouldn't come out to see us.  It took about 20 minutes for her to make up with us.   Spoiled !!

Started up the road for northern WV.  The phone rang and it was Kim that Dudley met the day before at Flying J in North Carolina.  He was calling to see that we had a safe trip and he let us know he was praying for us.   Awesome.

2nd phone call was from Kevin. the mechanic from the tire shop.  Calling to check that the new tire held up during our journey north.  

Several people texted us on the way to northern WV.  I sent several pictures out and it was so awesome to see the Appalacian mountains again.   I found myself singing "Almost Heaven West Virginia". Dudley was so sick of the mountains and couldn't wait till we got out of them.  Well we were looking for Hwy 250 but never found it and we ended up in Washington, Pennsylvania.  We sure were tired when we finally got to our destination tonight.  "My Mom's house." 

Brothers.......Larry Beatty and Dudley Balmer   


Appalachian Mountains


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