July 31 Tuesday

Posted on: Aug 01, 2012 at 01:40
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July 28..SATURDAY:  Mercer Speedway... arrived early at the gate.  Pulled aside to repair a cable on the battery terminal.  A nice man pulled up to see if we needed help.  He was driving a backhoe and was in charge of track preparation.  Offered to help Dudley and told us the race had been cancelled early since the approaching storm would hit soon.  He gave Dudley a battery connector and that did the trick.  Battery started right up.   


A truck pulled in and it was his long time friend Frank Benic the promotor at Mercer Speedway.  Dudley also knows his son a race equipment dealer and car owner from the Indianapolis area.    Now on to Ohio.......


July 29...SUNDAY:  After our host Gene Steele fixed us breakfast, we drove to Gibsonburg to visit Dudley long time racing friend, Johnny Beaber. We spent time with John, wife Pam, son Tony and family at the Beaberbuilt complex.  Also got the first look at my dirt modified project car which we will be bringing home to Florida.  Ended up the day with Gene cooking steaks on the grill for us.  


July 30...MONDAY:  Dudley & Gene worked on repairing our electric steps on the motorhome most of the day.  We took a walk up town to the local IGA in Pemberville, OH.  Later Gene cooked pork chops on the grill and I made augratin potatoes and the guys bench raced about their previous years.  


July 31...TUESDAY:  Dudley & I toured Pemberville's historic district.  We visited the Beeker's General store and the other shops on the street.  Dudley spent the afternoon working on his new column for hoseheads.com.  Gene returned later in the day and took us over to Bowling Green to a Chinese restaurant.






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