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Are the Ten Commandments about to become the Six Commandments?

“Thou shalt not edit” is not among the famous list of God’s Laws from the Bible, but a U.S. District Judge has suggested that reducing the Ten Commandments to just six would help solve a dispute between the ACLU and the Giles County, Va., School District.

Eighteen months ago, a parent objected to the Ten Commandments being posted in a district high school as part a huge collage of documents linked to America’s political and legal heritage. Several other documents in the school display reference God, including the Magna Carta and Declaration of Independence, but no one is asking that those be taken down or edited.

The school district does not want them removed and the case remains in U.S. District Court.

Now federal Judge Michael Urbanski has offered a compromise. He suggested scrapping the first four commandments and leaving just the final six. Urbanski suggested that could resolve the dispute since the first four commandments directly refer to mankind’s relationship to God and the final six concern mankind’s relationship to creation, other people, and things.

“You can’t have a display or discussion of American history and law without reading about, or mentioning God,” Mathew Staver of Liberty Counsel told WND. “It’s just part of who we are, it’s what shaped our Western Civilization.”

Liberty Counsel, which is representing the school district in court,  rejects the judge’s proposal and so is the parent, who is allied with the American Civil Liberties Union and the Freedom from Religion Foundation.

Staver explains where the case stands now and what will likely happen if court-ordered mediation does not succeed.

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