Posted on: Feb 19, 2012 at 02:38
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Jason Meyers said that after the first 14 or so WOO races he was going home to spend more time with his family. This has to be a really tough decision considering how he ended last season and how he is beginning this one. Our ministry began because we know how hard it is on the road and the challenges it produces. If Jason can pull this off and stick to his plans, congratulations. Going out on top has to be great but the temptation to keep going has to be enormous as well.

It would be great if more of us could stand for things that are right rather than things that are easy. We wish Jason great success while in the car and afterward as well. Brings to mind another driver who has sold the sprint car equipment and is going on a missions trip to Panama. He is trusting God to provide a ride when he gets home. Two guys we might do well to learn somthing from. I am guessing they both will be winners in the end.

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