Posted on: Sep 07, 2012 at 01:01
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Well here is the latest as I know it. Nancy is still in WV with her mom. Again, we want to thank everyone for their prayers and this comes from Grandma herself. She told me on the phone tonight how much she appreciates everyone and this is a praise for several reasons. She is in rehab and making remarkable progress.

If Chris gets his work completed as he plans they will be coming back here to Indiana tomorrow. Then we could be back on schedule this weekend. I possibly have a chance to fill in for an injured driver tomorrow night at Gas City I-69 Speedway. Jamie has a torn retna and has been advised though he can see alright that he should wait till healing is complete. Rain however is once more in the forcast.

The opportunities have been great on this unusual trip but so have the challenges. We are both starting to look forward to coming home to our little house in Wewa. We are really loaded and the trailer tires have some age on them but we are trusting God to return us home safe and sound. To our racing family and our church family, we say thank you. Nancy will be back doing her own updates shortly. We are blessed to be part of the family of God. 

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