Posted on: Jun 21, 2011 at 02:52
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Tuesday marks our departure date for our 50th Anniversary Tour. All with the web portion of the ministry will remain the same. Though we may get a day or so behind on the news page prayer requests will be kept up to date. If something looks a bit different it might be because it was done on our Blackberrys.

Remember, our prayer requsets are prayed for daily no matter where we are. It really doesn't matter where here may be at the time, we are here for web friends. We hope to see many of you in person in the weeks to come.

Our imediate plans are to go to the opening of the new wing of the Eastern Motor Racing Museum near York, PA.and a visit with Lynn Paxton. Then a Friday night at the Grove and Lincoln on Saturday. We will then head west to northern West Virginia to visit Nancy's mother. Lernerville is just an a couple of hours north.

We are not on any particular schedule so we will update our plans as opportunities present themselves. Hope to see YOU along the way.




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