Posted on: Aug 18, 2011 at 11:53
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A writer in Kokomo, Indiana wrote that after USAC Speed Weeks the season is effectively over. I read someone today that wrote after Knoxville the season ceases to be important. Wow! That must be news for all the series and tracks that have heated points races going on. Also, for all the tracks that host special events some of which pay really good purses and attract stadium filling crowds.

Where do these people come from? They make a challenging season even more difficult. Instead of building interest in the remaining months of the 2011 season they are dismissing it. They write about the top three or four and no other competitors exist. If they would take notice, the fields are full with each team deserving of mention somewhere along the way. Tracks cancel events and even full months of racing for no logical reason other than their perception that interest goes away after speed weeks. They care not for the support divisions. The stock car and modified teams that support the gate all season and help pay the purse for all divisions deserve some consideration. The car counts are consistent and they might have butts in the seats if they promoted their product. I think I will name these writers and promoters "The Anti Racing League"

We will continue to attend races where folks realize the season continues in spite of "The Anti Racing League" So, see you at the races.....

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