Posted on: Jul 17, 2011 at 12:55
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All plans were made for Friday's drive to Lernerville then on to Mercer for Saturday. All ready to go. Just get some business out of the way and off we go. Not quite. Nancy didn't feel right about leaving her mom's on Friday. Folks were coming at 11 am to pick up some household items. Didn't show till 1pm. Had an interview scheduled with Nicole Bower for a column, missed the connection. Nothing was working and I was not really pleased.

As time passed I realized we were not going to make Lernerville. Nothing was working. I decided to take Nancy to the store and get ready to leave the next morning. Preparation included checking the tire pressure. The first tire I checked, the right front, had a very large bubble near the bead. Had we left on time we would have certainly have had a blow out most assuredly at highway speeds. I was really unhappy about missing the Friday races but truly God was looking out for us, once again.

New tires were not in our budget. We now have two new shoes on the front of the motorhome though the ones we replaced were only a year old. Our budget, already stressed took a hit but we and our motorhome are fine. It is hard to always trust God and to give thanks for things we don't understand at the time. We are told to give thanks in all things. Not always easy. Just always necessary.




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