Posted on: May 18, 2011 at 01:56
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 Some are surprised that being a senior citizen and a pastor that I carry personal protection when I am out around town taking care of the chores of the day. There are several reasons that I choose to exercise my right to have a reasonable means of self defense with me as I travel locally or when I am on the road.

 I’m more alert when I’m out and about, knowing that I’m less likely to prevail in a physical confrontation, and that I no longer have the ability to outrun most attackers. I also avoid high-crime areas. I have become a staunch believer that old farts should all carry guns, just to keep the young wolves honest. Whipping an attacker in a one on one fight is usually not an option. When you’re faced with a life-threatening attack, you have to bring the gun into play in order to survive.

 But the one ray of sunshine I have is this:  The young, bad guy doesn’t expect you to fight back, and that’s your greatest advantage. All of us old military geezers know that if you have the element of surprise, you can overcome superior numbers and superior firepower.

  So, despite the hair in my ears and the flab around my middle, the fire in my gut is still burning and I'll still defend my self and my loved ones.  So don’t be messing with us old geezers. It’s true that we were once young warriors, but now we’re too tired to run away, so chances are we’ll just shoot you. It saves us time and energy, and we have very little of both remaining.

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