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Posted on: Jul 09, 2011 at 12:00
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July 21

WOOHOO  what a awesome night at Lernerville Speedway.  Hadn't see a WOO show for over a year.  We arrived there the day before so we got to see all the haulers pulling in and I asked Dudley ok who is this one?  Getting more and more excited as I heard the names.  Couldn't wait to get out there in the pits to see the drivers in person.    I got my wish.

Got to meet Steve Kinser, "the King of the Outlaws"   but they are all such very nice guys. Dale Blaney, Schatz, Swindell, Tim Shaffer, Craig Dollansky -Danny Lasoski, Danny Smith, Kasey Kahne, and so many I can't name them all but they were great to see !!! Love them all. 

The races were great, the track was good and wet and they ran twin thirties and well by the second the drivers felt a difference on the track as it started to dry out.   Then the dirt started to fly and there were several cars that went flying and wrecked and some turned over. It was a great show and we are looking forward to Bloomington in August.

We arrived in Indiana and were welcomed by a storm before Mt. Comfort exit and an 18 wheeler just turned over on its side just minutes before we got there, so we had to sit and wait till the winds stopped.  We drove to Elwood, IN at our friend John Dockery's house and had a great 4 days with them. Visited their church and just tried to avoid melting in the very hot temperatures. 

July 26

We are sitting here in Kokomo, IN.  Came in for the races at Kokomo Speedway last weekend but it was rained out again.  I guess we will wait till this coming weekend.  Dudley had an experience yesterday up in Peru as we went to dump the motorhome.  Well.... remember the movie RV and National Lampoon's Christmas vacation ? that's why I won't help dump....Let's just say we had to desanitize him ...!!!

We did a first yesterday.  We cooked spaghetti on the grill because I kept knocking the breakers out with the microwave and electric skillet; but we ended up with a delicious dinner of spaghetti/ meatballs and garlic toast... and chocolate cream pie.

We'll keep you posted. 

July 9

Well here we are in WV.  The trip so far has been exciting with visiting the Eastern Museum of Motor Racing, Williams Grove Speedway and Lincoln Speedway in PA. Gathering lots of pictures and info about years gone by and seeing the tracks where Dudley raced in his early years. 

We visited with a friend of his from high school, who was in the Washington Hospital with a stroke. She now has moved to a rehab center and is improved a little.  Then on to West Virginia to visit with my Mom and youngest son Jeff.  We have been here two weeks now and did a little work on the house and tried to make things a little more manageable for Mom. 

It was so nice to visit our friends in the Chapel Hill Wesleyan Church in Weirton, West Virginia where we were married almost 12 years ago.  Pastor and Mrs Taylor and the entire church always make us feel so welcome. Just like being home. So nice to see old friends again..

Tried to rent a car for the weekend, had it all set up to be delivered to us on Friday. however Enterprise tells me I have to have an instate drivers license. Well I told her if I had one I wouldn't need to rent a car from you.  She said well you need to have a major credit card so we can charge you an extra $250 deposit.  I said you can use my Visa debit card.  She proceeds to tell me they can't use a debit card because you could go take out all the money and we would be stuck.  Well why would I want to take her for $250. when the mid sized car would be worth more than that.  I could just keep the car.  Well needless to say I cancelled that delivery. So here we sit while Follansbee Community days goes on downtown without us.  Sure would like to have purchased one of those Italian sausage or steak sandwiches.... maybe next time.

Ohio is next on our tour..... Attica, Eldora, Freemont and visit a few racing friends in Ohio.  Then

off to Indiana.*( click on comments below and read about someone else's humorous experience with renting a car out of state.)

July 19

Arrived last night at Lernerville Speedway.  It was so hot felt like 100 degrees.  Finally got the motorhome cooled down with generator and air and then shortly after opening up the windows and feeling the air change to cool; the rain started so we had to close up again.  It did storm and rain hard all night.  This morning is it comfortable so far.  Big trucks pulling in already, lots of motorhomes came in last night.  Can't wait to see the big name guys tonight, World Of Outlaws.... I'll keep you posted...  

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