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Posted on: Jan 28, 2012 at 03:04
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from Randy( Northern Correspondent
Got a good laugh,  had a incident at GM.
I walked back to see my brother (Rich) in the tire bay and there were all kinds of skilled trades, engineers management there. They had a pile of wires out all over the floor. So my brother walked up & asked what the problem was. Engineer told him he wouldn't understand One of the electricians we knew came up & told us, Watch that transformer so we did. It's supposed to just come down click & go back up, but it stuttered then went back up. It was slowing down the tire balancer so the tires weren't coming out fast enough causing the assembly line to shut down.
So Rich told electrician is that all it is, (new guy on the balancer) so Rich went up clicked a few switches turned a key left then right, then clicked another switch & it stopped.
Here comes the engineer and wants to know what he did, Rich told him - You wouldn't understand and everybody laughed.

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