Posted on: Jan 19, 2012 at 01:27
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I have a friend who rebuilds race cars and transports specialty cars around the eastern US. I didn't know until this week what a talented writer he was. I have a friend who spent his life working for some of the nations best race teams and now works for his church denomination on a national level. Someone else who runs a sprint car team and is an accomplished musician. Another who has an ear ring and dyed hair who is a great warrior for God. A former USAC champion who now campaigns for God and has for years.

Do we stop and really get to know the people we come across in life? Do we care? Often we may be missing a great opportunity to enrich our lives and theirs as well. It doesn't take much to get to know the heart of someone you may think you already know. We find that the best thing we can do for the people we meet is just to care. 

I hope I will take the time to hear about the push vehicle you are building and the disappointment about the folks in your church. We really do care about the health challenges of your pastor as he has now become my friend as well. It adds so much to our life if we just take time to care about other lives that we may touch. Enjoy the day and touch a life.

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