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 Jesus of Nazereth died Friday as a result of execution. He was pronounced dead by Roman soldiers in charge of the proceedings. He was buried in a tomb which was donated by a friend, in an undisclosed location, known only to family and a few close friends.

Jesus son of Joseph the carpenter was a self educated teacher and was called by some rabbi, healer even "king of the Jews". Jesus had been credited with many miracles during his three year ministry but local church leaders deny these rumors. Reports state that he even claimed aloud to be the son of God.

Whether or not one believes the tales of these works, the controversioal reports are of no consequence as this Jesus has been entombed for eternity never to return to the public arena. His followers have been scattered through out the city never to be heard from again. I can stand here in the temple and claim victory once again for our church and goverment leaders  Hail Caesar.

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