Cumquats ???

Posted on: Dec 08, 2011 at 01:48
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Recently someone gave me a bag of cumquats.  What's a cumquat you ask?  Well that's what I said.  It is a small oblong shaped orange colored fruit that grows on a tree in little clusters.

I was told by others that you could make a pie out of them so I got the instructions and I made 2 of them.  Sounds easy right?  Well after several hours washing them and cutting those tiny little fruits open and removing all of the 2 to 4 seeds, I put them in the blender skins and pulp and pureed them.  Then you could make a cream pie out of them.  

It was wonderful and not tart at all.  Thought I would share a pic of the tree in the nearby neighbors yard that we ravaged.



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