Posted on: Jul 13, 2012 at 10:57
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Saturday finally found us on the road heading north. Got just about 100mi north when an inside dual tire separated. No one in sight for miles on Sat. afternoon. We put the flashers on and limped slowly up the road to a small Chevron station. Hey, they had a tire shop. The lady at the counter said they closed at noon on Saturday but she thought the operator was still around. He was.

They sold only used tires so we went to work to find a match. Mounted three tires with each having a problem. After no luck for all this time he asked his boss to go to Dothan and get a new tire. During all this I had a chance to witness to this young fellow and find out what was going on in his life. After an hour the new tire showed up and was mounted and we once again on our way north. We had paid wholesale for the new tire, made a new friend, got to share the word about the Lord and were sure all six tires were now in good shape. The incident was pretty much now in the back of our minds.

Monday afternoon as we were navigating the West Virginia mountains I received a phone call. It was Kevin the tire guy from Dothan, AL. He just wantd to know if the tire was okay and if we were still on our way. We were shocked and pleased. People just don't care that much any more. I messed up his afternoon yet he cared enough to followup on our progress. The price of the tire has come back to us and we know God had a hand in all that happened on Saturday afternoon. The next time you can't understand why we are to give thanks in "all" things, remember the Lord putting us in that little used tire shop after hours. Yes, and this is just the beginning of our trip.

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