Posted on: Apr 20, 2013 at 01:03
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I would just like to give a shout out to Tony Beaber for the quality professional work that he does. After Sat nights driver error, the car was bent up a little in the front, actually almost a half inch. So I tried to reach Tony Sun afternoon hoping to set something up for this week. I left a message and went back to stripping the car down and less than 10 mins later he calls back and says bring it up in the morning. So this morning at 6.00 dad took off on the 3.5hr trip North to Beaberbuilt. Then before dad could go to Kears and back he had it ready to go. Tony has fixed the car 3-4 times before and has always been promt on time and excellent on his work, but today was truely unbelievable. He knows were a little Mom and Paps team with only 1 car, and was gracious enough to get us in and out and back in action ASAP. So with that said I would just like to say thanks Tony because I wasnt able to come up myself today. And also I look forward to seeing you soon at the track, Not the Shop LOL

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