August 31 Friday

Posted on: Sep 01, 2012 at 04:08
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Rain in the forcast.  We were supposed to go to Gas City Speedway.  

Dudley worked on packing the trailer with parts donated for his modified restoration he will be working on when we get back home. First priority is the electric and plumbing in the little house we will be living in down in Wewahitchka.

Spoke to Mom this morning and she is having some respiratory problems and is receiving treatment for that.  She is getting a little bit of relief from the swelling on her legs, but she is very uncomfortable.    

After listening to everything she is fearing and going through, I asked her if she would let me pray with her.  She agreed and listened intently and when I finished she said "Thank you so much"  

We ate dinner with John & Janis at Taco Bell and came back home.   

Our friend & driver Jamie Frederickson was driving at Gas City Speedway tonight and Dudley prayed with them over the phone before he went out.  Bill, his dad texted us that Jamie had won his heat race and would be 3rd in the A- Main race.  We waited for a call but received a text message at 9:40pm that Jamie had rolled the car over, flipped high and hard and was hurt.  They were taking him to Marion hospital where they were concerned about a partially detached retina and bumps and bruses, race track arthritis pain.

Bill will take him to the retina specialist tomorrow.   We are praying for him. 

About 7:30 pm I called mom back to see what was going on.  She had just finished eating and was going on about being cold all night and getting a sore throat and then in the next sentence was saying how hot and uncomfortable it was in there right now with a gown 4 sizes too big for her.  She sounded a little confused and was saying things that didn't make a lot of sense.  But with all the medications they have her on we can understand that.

I told her Dudley wanted to talk to her and she said ok.  He kept the conversation upbeat and let her know how much we cared about her and loved her and just wanted her to get better.  She seemed so appreciative and told him how much she loved us both and it was nice for Dudley & I to do all that work for her.   She still thinks she needs to pay us.  But he reassured her that we only do things for love and not for payment.

We hung up feeling so good about the conversation.    Dudley is sure that all the prayers going up for her had begun to change her heart.  God is growing the seeds that we planted 3 months ago.  I am so grateful for everyone's prayers; because at 89 yrs old we don't have a lot of time to get her saved.  She is very close, we both believe it.

My youngest son, Jeff called to tell me he would visit her on Sat.  He also said that my oldest son, Chris was trying to work out a way be able to drive me back to be with Mom for a few days this coming week.  That would be great and she would love that.    

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